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Navitramp Freight Agency Ltd and its affiliated companies commenced operations in 1991. The first vessel managed was dry cargo vessel of some 3,000 dwt and was operated in the spot market. Over the next 10 years the business prospered and the average size of the vessel managed increased to circa 8,000 dwt and the number of vessel’s managed peaked at 6.

In 2001 management decided to relocate to Malta and formed Navitramp Freight Agency Ltd which was to become the owner’s main company. During the boom period of the early 2000’s until 2008 the group continued to prosper, further increasing the size of its fleet as well as chartering in 3rd party vessel in order to supplement their own fleet in order to meet their now substantial base of clients.

By the late 2007 the management determined that the boom market would not last and decided to downsize the fleet, managing to sell some vessels prior to the collapse of the market in August 2008.

In 2015 a further relocation was undertaken and the senior management moved to Greece.

Today Navitramp and its affiliates have evolved into a very signification business with offices in Greece and Malta. The fleet has increased in terms of both size of vessel and number being operated. Additionally at any one time 10-20 vessels, ranging in size from handy to Kamsarmax, are chartered in either on a voyage or period basis. Navitramp and its affiliates employ 30+ shore based staff.

Navitramp is also recognised throught the bulk carrier industry as first class operators, renowned for the reliability, safety and high standard of operations of its vessels, with 10m cargo transported annually. 

Navitramp is having its own purpose built offices constructed in Greece which when complete will provide 700 sq meters of state of art office space which will meet its requirements for the foreseeable future.